Frying Fish With the Irons In the Fire

Over the next few weeks my posts are gonna be spottier and a little more sporadic than usual (not that I have any kind of set routine). Through my own machinations, I have become rather busy. I have a couple of larger projects in progress, one of which I, hopefully, will have finished by December. The other is for Curio Macabre’s 31 Days of Halloween.

That’s right, Halloween is quickly approaching. I, for one, am excited. It would be nice if Halloween lasted longer than it did, maybe as a long as autumn itself. But Halloween is much like Christmas– you carry it in your coal-black heart all year. It’s a lifestyle. I’ll admit it: sometimes you need a little Christmas, sometimes you need a little Halloween. Sometimes you need a little Thanksgiving, too.

Let’s get geared up and excited. Summer is close to an end and the dark part of the year is nearly upon us. Let’s plan to make it a good one.

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