Happy New Year

Well, we’ve made it this far:  2020 is almost over.  It’s been a memorable ride, hasn’t it?  Here’s to 2021.

Whereas Christmas makes me nostalgic, New Year’s Eve, and Day, makes me hopeful.  On Christmas night I have a personal tradition, once my son is fast asleep and the house is quiet, of sitting with just the Christmas tree lights on and contemplate the year that was and think on holidays, and times, past.

New Year’s puts me in mind of the year to be, the time before us.  We have opportunities ahead and I hope we all succeed to our full potential.

I’m gonna take a little break and I’ll do my best to be back next week.  I’ve got some partying to do. My family’s NYE is a little different this year, as I’m sure some of you are celebrating differently this last day of 2020.  We have cancelled our traditional big gathering and everyone is staying home.  My son and I are ordering pizza, blasting music, singing karaoke, and playing video games online with friends and family.

Despite how today may not be like yesterday or the days before, or last New Year’s Eve, here’s to tomorrow.  I wish you, and everyone, the best for a happy and prosperous new year.


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