Michael Crichton

Michael Crichton?  Michael Crichton did not write horror.  Thrillers, yes. Horror, no.

I object. Horror is subjective.  It can be argued that most everything is, but what is truly scary, horrifying?  How about dinosaurs made in a modern lab with cutting edge technology?  What if those dinosaurs escaped and wrecked havoc on humanity?  Does a deadly alien, or novel, virus with a frightening rate of communicability scare you?  How about nanotechnology with an altered hunter/prey perspective?  A brain implant performs, dangerously, counter to its desired function? Vikings versus cannibals?

Michael Crichton may not have been considered a horror author, but he wrote about some damn horrifying subject matter.

Hands down, my favorite Crichton novels are Eaters of the Dead and NextEaters is about Vikings battling the “wendol”, people of the mist who may be hold-overs from a prehistoric human species.  Next isn’t horror, or thriller, but it does describe the horrors of corporate greed where genetic research is concerned.

For true frights, chills, and frills, check out Prey with it’s nasty little nano-swarms; The Terminal Man, whose brain implant only makes things worse; and, you guessed it, Jurassic Park, the tale of marauding, genetically engineered dinosaurs.  Sphere, Congo, and The Andromeda Strain (Killer virus! Killer virus!) are also at the top of any Crichton reading list.

Just read all of his books.

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