“Rawhead Rex” by Clive Barker

Sometimes you just need a good monster story. Enter “Rawhead Rex”.

While clearing a field, a farmer uncovers a seal buried in the ground. Removing the stones, he unleashes hell on legs: Rawhead Rex, an ancient being who only knows death and destruction.

Rex is a one-demon killing machine. Seeing that he has lost none of his anger and homicidal instincts in the centuries he’s been imprisoned, he properly dispatches of the innocent farmer and stalks out across the countryside to visit his signature brand of ferocious brutality on the world.

Rex doesn’t discriminate when it comes to killing. He kills men, women, children, and animals with equal abandon. He even…how can I say this gently…taints a priest and makes a minion of him. He doesn’t know what cars are, but they must die also.

This a balls-to-the-wall, four-on-the-floor, no-holds-barred horror story. It is gleefully violent, gross, gory, and one of the best things Clive Barker has ever written (in the realm of the short story, anyway). It can be found in Books of Blood, Volume 3 or, as I would suggest, the complete collection .

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