Movie of the Week: Host

Several years ago, on a Halloween night, I was invited to a seance.  It was the first one I had ever attended, and I enjoyed it.  A friend of mine hosted, and there were about six of us gathered at her house.  It wasn’t a hold hands around a crystal ball type of gathering, we used a crystal pendant.  After a few control questions, the pendant swung certain ways to answer yes or no to our inquiries.  We contacted the spirit of a Native American woman who used to live on that land.

Did we really speak with a ghost?  I think we actually did contact someone from the other side and we had a real conversation.  All of the answers were spot on, and even the skeptics in the group agreed something truly supernatural happened.

I mention the seance because since the outbreak of the 2020 plague, the writers group I am a member of (bless them, they tolerate me) has been meeting via Zoom much like the friends in Host.  The group of friends in this movie invite a medium to conduct a seance over the conferencing platform.  Seeing how it turned out for them, I doubt my friends in the writers group would readily jump aboard.  Not all of them anyway.

Host‘s running time is a few minutes shy of an hour and it feels like a lost, or revival, episode of Tales From the Darkside (why hasn’t that show been revived yet?).  Everything goes tremendously wrong when one of the friends fakes a supernatural experience on camera (there’s a comedian in every group).  The joke lets in a sinister demonic entity that runs rampant among them.

I’m gonna keep it short and sweet this week and simply suggest you watch the movie.  It has some good jump scares, a fine atmosphere, and is a great way to kill an (almost) hour.

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