Movie of the Week: Willy’s Wonderland


A man of very few words (none, really) is driving through the small town of Hayesville, Nevada when he suddenly has a blowout.  He has run over a spike strip left carelessly in the road by the local two-person police force.  The stranger waits and, eventually, a tow truck happens by.  The driver, Jed, is the town mechanic.  He brings the car back to the garage and has nothing but bad news for the stranger.  Repairs aren’t going to be cheap, he only takes cash, and the town has no internet so the ATM doesn’t work.

Not to worry because Jed has a way the stranger can work off the repair bill.  His friend, Tex, owns a rundown family entertainment restaurant à la Check E. Cheese.  If the stranger agrees to do some cleaning on the old place overnight, his car will be ready for him in the morning and all dues will be paid. The stranger agrees and is locked in with the dust, trash and the, quite frankly, creepy animatronic animal entertainers.

The stranger gets to work. He sweeps, mops and knocks down cobwebs in between breaks of energy drinks and pinball. The stranger has a quite the Puritan work ethic and deviates very little from it. Even when the animatronic entertainers come alive and do their best to kill him.

Here’s the lowdown: the former owner of Willy’s Wonderland, and his staff, were serial killers and members of some kind of a Satanic cult. They lured unsuspecting victims (families) to the family fun establishment and slaughtered them like innocent lambs. Once local law enforcement discovered what was happening (there were quite a few missing persons and unanswered questions, not to mention suspicious actions), the Willy’s wicked ones had all partook of some Jim Jones punch and escaped capture.

But wait, there’s more– the murderous cult killers’ spirits possessed the animatronic animals. When Tex bought the place and tried to reopen it, the possessed Wonderland fixtures began killing all the families, again. The answer to the problem was quite simple for the people of Hayesville. They struck a deal with Willy and his crew to provide sacrifices in exchange for them to leave the townspeople alone. The deal worked and here we are with a mute stranger kicking animatronic ass.

The stranger would probably spend the night killing possessed mascots and downing energy drinks, but some kids have come to burn the place down. They don’t want to incinerate an innocent man so they try to get him out. This plan backfires with horrible results. Further complicating the entire enterprise is the fact that the sheriff doesn’t want the pact broken with Willy because then the vengeful spirits might smite the town.

With a movie titled Willy’s Wonderland which is described as possessed animatronic animals kill unsuspecting victims, there’s nothing much left to the imagination of what will be seen on the screen. The movie does not disappoint. It’s Five Nights at Freddy’s with gore, sex, and extreme prejudice against possessed some ShowBiz Pizza rejects. It’s pretty cool.

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