When conducting a seance, it’s best to have someone present for whom this is not their first rodeo.  It is also advised to have a medium, but they are not necessary to my knowledge.  You merely need a someone to lead it who has done it before or is a veteran of the practice.  Another thing: keep out troublemakers (you know who they are, and this includes the comedians), you need people who are receptive, but also won’t lie (you know who they are, too).  When communicating with the spirit, it is the experienced participant, the main sitter, who should do all the talking with the spirit.

It is suggested to decide on one particular spirit you wish to contact.  The first seance I attended, we didn’t, we just dialed them up and asked our questions.  I understand that can be dangerous.  I’m leaving this completely up to you.

For supplies, all you need, other than fellow participants, are a table, candles (no more than three), and food (bread or soup).  Fresh flowers are not a bad idea either.  The candles are for warmth, the food for sustenance, and the aroma of flowers can gain the attention of spirits.  So, light the candles, put the food on the table, arrange the flowers and everybody scoot up to the table.

Before you begin to attempt to contact the other side, get all the living conversation expelled from you and your guests.  Once everyone is relaxed and ready, hold hands.  Closing your eyes are optional, but either way, concentrate on the candle flame.  If you close your eyes, imagine the candle flames becoming brighter and bigger.

Everyone speak the following:  “Our beloved [name of spirit], we bring you gifts from life into death.  Commune with us, (name of spirit), and move among us.”  Repeat this until you have a sign of response.

The presence of someone from the other side can be felt in a change of temperature, a strange odor, or a knocking.  If a real medium is present, the spirit may speak through them.  Only after you have a response do you need to ask any questions.  Set up a yes or no system asking simple yes or no questions.  Maybe establish one knock for no, two for yes; or a candle flame bends one way for yes, another for no.

When ending the seance, thank the spirit for communicating, wish it well and tell it to go in peace then break your circle of hands and blow out the candles.

In the event things become too freaky, break the circle of hands to end the line of communication, blow out the candles and turn on the lights.

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