Scary Stories

My son is young and doesn’t watch much of the spooky stuff.  He likes some of the classic Universal Monsters and a few of the Goosebumps books.  He does, however, enjoy telling highly imaginative scary stories of his own creation.  And I love them.  He really gets into it, it’s performance art like all the best campfire tales.

Whether you hold a flashlight under your chin in a darkened room or sit around the fire pit in the backyard, it’s a longstanding tradition to scare friends and family with tales of hook-handed maniacs on lovers lane or phantom hitchhikers pursuing lone drivers on desolate stretches of road.  Just as the bogeyman attacks, you let out a loud yell (or have assistance from an equally eager accomplice) and your audience jumps out of their socks with fright.

It feels All-American, but it’s a global custom.  I’m sure the cavemen did it, too, in their own way.

Lower the lights or build a bonfire in the north forty, it’s time to roast some freakin’ marshmallows and tell some creepy stories.  Make up your own or take a few cues from folklorist Alvin Schwartz’s legendary Scary Stories series.

The family that scares together, stays together.

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