The Naughty List, Part Three

Here comes Santa Claus– Run!

We’re on the countdown now to the big day. Is it just me or does it feel like Christmas gets here with a major quickness when you’re the one buying the gifts?

Anyway, as I finish some last-minute shopping, and attempt to recover from it, here is the third, and penultimate, installment of The Naughty List. When we last left off, Simon and Stewart had met a grisly end in a winter wonderland dance party. There are still some names on Santa Arlin’s list and Detective Rivas is doing her best to stop him.

As always, forgive any grammatical mistakes, and errors regarding any screenwriting technicality. I must also ask you to forgive, or overlook, any police procedural ignorance. All errors are mine, but I hope they do not take away any enjoyment you may encounter while reading this script.

Pour up some eggnog and let’s dive back in, shall we?

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